Sunday, July 27, 2008

Return from Kauai, Honeymoon beginning...

After our adventures in Kauai, we have been unpacking our new home in Los Osos. God has blessed us with enough similarities to keep us laughing and we still have plenty to discover! We look forward to getting more settled and are anxious to see where the Lord takes us next, now that we are married.

Here are some of our favorite pictures from our Kauai adventures:

We enjoyed one of the most amazing sunsets in Princeville.

Our plan was to go on adventures and not worry about getting our feet dirty...

So, after discovering beaches with swings, we had to adventure into the jungle.

We discovered that vines (as Indiana continues to suggest) truly do work for swinging...

This sea adventure included snorkeling, dolphins, and the Na Pali coast. The best part really, was the fact that you can see the guy's hand taking our picture on Josh's shirt!

Adventures with God's creation surrounding us were a perfect opportunity to relax in the richness of the glory that He doesn't cease to immerse us with...Kauai and Los Osos.