Friday, October 24, 2008

Family Wedding #4 for the year...

Amongst the beach aspiring flowers, we settled in the Scotts Valley Community center for Uncle Dave's wedding. Dressing for the occasion, my cousin, Sean, classically glanced at the camera. It was one of the very few pictures that the kids let me take! He could easily be a young member of the rat pack, I think!

There they are... the newly-wedded couple. I think that Liz is happy! She is Greek and really enjoys a good Greek Wedding!

I have no idea who this little boy is, but he had one of the cutest little faces. The jarring scar on his forehead took some 15 stiches!

My mom, enjoyed the ceremony, the candles, the fall leaves, the crisp air... and the Peet's coffee that we brought her mid-reception!

I wanted to get some outdoor pictures of the couple, but they were not quite as enthusiastic as myself. The tree turned out to be so fascinating. I love how it towers above their heads with two commanding branches that unite at the bottom.

My husband is so strong... strong enough to break even the most durable of fake metal silverware!

Wow, a serpant around the bride and groom!

This is my cousin Cole (Sean's younger brother). He clearly has a gift.

We think this will be the last in the series of family wedding posts for the year. Let me tell you about this tree... Climbing up was fun. Jumping down, in heeled shoes... not quite as free-spirited! However, I did manage to land without a broken bone. Hooray!


Alyssa said...

That last picture of the two of you is so nice... I look forward to seeing you both soon! Miss you both.

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice pictures of the Barkelew wedding! I really like the whole blog but we have to find a picture of me where I don't look grumpy.