Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Josh turned ---- ...

For Josh's birthday, we took a sort of pre-vacation getaway. After an evening at Thai food with friends, and the subsequent morning helping Josh and Laurie move, I took Josh for his surprise. I had reserved an evening in a suite at the Cambria Pines Lodge. We even had a deck that overlooked the beautiful pines towering for miles before the sea.

There was a pool and hot tub that was a fabulous after dinner retreat.

And in the morning, we took a walk on Moonstone beach in the fog. God has created this planet as such a masterpiece. His creation continually testifies to us of the love that He has for us. What an amazing God that would sculpt such beautiful landscape for us to enjoy. It was absolutely beautiful; the perfect break from all of the pre-holiday rush to get everything done!

When we got home, we had Tom and Chloe over for some dinner in order to have them meet Lewis (the cat). They will do a wonderful job caring for him during Thanksgiving...and I am sure that Tom will be itching thoroughly afterward (what a sacrifice!). At this point, I finally remembered to give Josh his cake that I had bought him on Friday! It was a chocolate truffle cake from the Cakery in San Luis Obispo. What a treat!

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John and Janelle said...

Happy Birthday Josh!
We are looking forward to meeting Lewis :)