Monday, June 1, 2009

update on God's plans...

Well, I know everyone says they want to blog more, but this time I mean it! The last few months have seen a change of residence, foreign travel plans, and more scheduled events than we thought possible.

Sometimes the Lord has to take away something good before we will look and be blessed with something better. Although we loved our little house in Los Osos, being forced to move allowed us to find the blessing of things we didn't really realize were lacking. We found a cozy house within walking distance of church, which yields relaxed weekends and great fellowship with our friends who live in the neighborhood. We get to stroll around Morro Bay for almost-daily walks, sauntering through the quiet streets and to the peaceful beaches by the Rock. We also have a yard - and this time it even has grass!

We have also been preparing for our trip to Russia - filling out applications, writing prayer letters, and shopping for odds and ends. It is amazing that the trip is almost here - I guess you can never feel fully prepared. I know the Lord has prepared this trip for us as we get to serve together - as He has called us, so He will also equip and provide.

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Alyssa said...

Hurray! I'm excited to hear all about your trip and pray that God will use you greatly. When do you leave?