Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Now we all know the effects of country music...

It was a delightful evening as we two normal people traveled to the not-so-distant Pismo Beach. As we drove over the rolling hills east of the ocean, we had absolutely no inkling of what Dean and Jessica's wedding would reveal.

It all began with the kids. Hannah, an unsuspected culprit was surely confused as her eating habits began to resemble that of an innocent cat savoring the last morsel of cream upon the floor. Thankfully she chose the preferred human method of disposable bamboo plate and chocolate.

Although, it seemed as the situation had escalated as I observed Chante trying to aid her vision by using a nearby glass of pink lemonade...wrong kind of glasses...

I knew it was trouble when Joe and Kristen got involved. No longer were the bamboo plates used as eating recepticles, but as party hats.

This creation was implemented via a Russian Tea Cookie/Mexican Wedding cake. These exquisitely sweet pastries, I learned are functional for the makings of clown make-up. Oh my! Celeste has moved from playdough to food!

Just when I thought I would capture a romantic moment with the Fulwylers, once again, the moment captured me. I was fooled once again by the nature of the evening.

Nothing could quite parallel that of this individual who I think is Landon. However, I am not convinced that this same face belongs to the gentle-spirited children's ministry servant.

As much as this man did officiate the wedding beautifully, he is a country music lover. I think I am beginning to understand the transformation here. With all of the country music playing out here in the hills, people are beginning to forget where reality is.

I knew it was trouble when they roped my very own husband into a CONGO LINE!!! This could be only the work of, dare I say it, Country music.

The bride and groom were involved from the very start, with every Shania Twain and line dancing groove delineated for the evening. It even drove them to the same lapse of reality, smearing cake in every which direction.

We were just thankful that we remained here with you, in the world where country is but a hallucination, a vision, a wonder...not a reality. Luckily it didn't affect us much, as we tried to shelter our ears strategically.


Erika Marie said...

you're crazy!!! (where is the picture of you trying to love-me?)

janesyts said...

wow, i was IN CHARGE OF this wedding, and i had no idea all this was going on!

Jonathan Dow said...

I love the pictures. I miss you all so much... I did get to spend time with Celeste, Ben, and Hannah... that was fun... I'll write about it soon.