Monday, December 15, 2008

Doug and Shannon...Murphy!

As the sun cascaded upon him, Doug sang to Shannon, the song that the Lord gave him for the woman he would marry. This time, instead of asking her to marry him, he affirmed his love in front of all of us at his very own wedding.

Josh and I had a wonderful time at Doug and Shannon's wedding. It was decorated beautifully in the form of traditional Christmas, complete with lights and greenery with bright red vests under every tuxedo. One of those fancy tuxedos was worn by my handsome husband as you see below! He made the best best man ever!

Another treat was to be able to see our friends that now live in Israel, John-Michael and Abra. They were here visiting and had the pleasure of attending this wonderful event as well!

You can't forget the altar picture... I just love how the greenery frames the picture with scattered holly berries. It couldn't have been more festive!

I had to include this picture too! It is our friend Judy Cole, who took Shannon into her home for the month or two that she was back in the States from Azerbaijan. Judy pretty much looks like one of those Zoolander models in this picture!! :) Style!

We are blessed to have been able to attend this wedding. It was a treat to see such a couple who is united in God, be joined together.


John and Janelle said...

that is a super cute picture of the two of you! and shannon's dress is beautiful!

Bender Family said...

You are going to remember this as the year of the weddings! Our first year of marriage was the same. Loved seeing you at Thanksgiving. Have a blessed Christmas!