Sunday, February 22, 2009

...and we're back!

After a 2 month break from sharing our lives with all of you, we have returned (along with my fixed computer!) While I am rejoicing in having my little computer space back, I figured better fill everyone in on the missing time :). Here is a quick synopsis.

A Hike up Bishop's peak in the cold froze my lungs! :)

The Yearly Gingerbread House (/ice scating rink) building party, hosted by Joe and Kristen. This was a commemorative experience for Josh and I since last year's party marked one of the first hints of interest that we had in each other.

Christmas with the Hoffman Family.

A date to San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker! What a treat! (Found out later that you weren't supposed to take pictures in the Opera House! oops!)

Little Lewis' first Christmas ever! He was very festive!

So now, we are in the midst of February! It is cold and... finally raining here in the central coast... we thought it would never come this winter! And then "it" showed us... by SNOWING in Atascadero! It also has been hailing here in Los Osos quite a bit. Most everyone around here has gotten very sick because of the weather's indeciciveness. However, we won't let it stop us! Sick or not, here we come!

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John and Janelle said...

YAY! The long-awaited blog post! Looks like you've been up to lots of fun :)